Banana Split Natural Performance



A box of 12 x delicious banana flavoured Natural Performance Energy Barswith scrumptious real banana flakes which is a source of;

  • 10-11g high quality Whey Protein which is gut friendly for young people. When eaten within 1 hour of training its¬†absorbed quickly¬†into the body as its a pre-digested form of protein. Protein supports growth and¬†maintenance of muscle¬†helping¬†body recover fast.
  • Vitamin B12¬†plays a vital role in supporting¬†brain neurological¬†and¬†psychological¬†function.¬†¬†
  • Magnesium¬†for¬†reduction of tiredness¬†and¬†electrolyte balance.
  • Copper¬†for iron transport¬†combined with¬†Phosphorus and Manganese¬†for further¬†energy¬†yielding metabolism.¬†
  • Naturally present vitamins and minerals¬†in the ingredients and not added or fortified!
  • No artificial sweeteners, added sugars or nasties !
  • Made from whole foods ingredients.
  • Gluten Free¬†ingredients but note that is it made in a¬†factory that handles other bars that may contain gluten.
  • Contains Cashew nuts and Almond nuts.
  • Produced in a peanut free policy environment.


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